5 Element - Plant Spirit Shamanic Healing

5 Element - Plant Spirit Shamanic Healing
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"To hear the Spirits you have to be pure. To be pure you must love your self."
---Grandpa Tom Harris, Sto:lo, as told to Jacob and the Dreamers Circle on Seabird Island, BC, Canada.

"Every tree, every plant, has a spirit. People say that a plant has no mind. I tell them that a plant is alive and conscious.  ... there is a spirit in it that is conscious, that sees everything, which is the soul of the plant, its essence, what makes it alive."
---Pablo Cesar Amaringo, Painter, Peru.


"...Nature as a whole is capable of communicating, which contradicts the founding principle of this molecular biology that is current orthodoxy."
---Jeremy Narby, The Cosmic Spirit.
"They are beings, which have their own form or they can be like human beings with faces and bodies. When the spirit accepts the person, and the person has the will, the spirit grants them energy. The path to knowledge opens, and the healing takes place."
---Guillermo Arevalo, Shipibo-Conibo, Curandero, Peru.
"Each curandero, healer, shaman has a special plant with which they work. This plant is deep inside the heart of that healer, it speaks with them from the heart. This plant has the power to heal because this healer has opened to it so much that it has become them. The plant and the healer work as one. We can establish a relation with plants and the beings or spirits that live in them. We open to the information they have for us, opening to the transformation taking place inside them as a refletion of the transformation taking place in the universe."
---Arbolita Pashak, Curandera, Chiapas, Mexico. 
"We are not talking about passive agents of transformation, we are talking about an intelligence, a consciousness, an alive and other mind, a spirit ...Nature is alive and is talking to us. This is not a metaphor.  ...It is one thing when you become interested in the plants and it is another thing when the plants are interested in you."
---Terrence McKenna, Anthropologist.
"How wonderful it would be if one could only be worthy of hearing the song of the grass. Each blade of grass sings out to God without any ulterior motive and without expecting any reward. It is most wonderful to hear its song and worship God in its midst."
---Rabbi Nachman from Bratzlav.
"Even a rock is in some way alive, ...for life and intelligence are present not only in all of matter, but in 'energy,' 'space,' 'time,' the fabric of the entire universe."
---Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe.
"As human beings, we need to know where we came from, who we are, and where we are going. For centuries, Westerners have been spiritual deaf-mutes who have forgotten how to communicate with Nature."
---Eduardo Caldero'n Palomino, Curandero, Peru.

"The spirits of plants move about the world talking with one another, and if you (meditate) sincerely with them they teach this art. For a curandero, plants sustain life....plants, with their roots in the soil and their branches spreading to the sky, act as bridges between the worlds."
----Juan Flores Salazar, Curandero, Robert Tindall, The Jaguar That Roams The Mind.

"Should  time or nature, or necessity or chance, or the elements be considered the cause?"

----Svetasvatra Upanishad 1.2, Rig Veda.


Transformational Healing with Plant Spirits - connecting body, heart, soul and spirit:
In the age old Medicine Way of Nature it is the spiritual energy of the plants that is important, not their chemical properties. The Plant Spirits have an intelligence, a consciousness that is beneficial to the energetic healing of our emotional/spiritual souls. Our sacred brother and sister plant relatives are natural teachers. They know the art of healing. To those capable of deep meditative shamanic consciousness plant spirits can comunicate directly in spoken word, song or pictures how they will heal. This Medicine Way healing work for relations of all nations is done with caring, respect, reverence and love for the blessings of the healing power of our Earth Mother's Plant Spirit beings.
5 Element - Plant Spirit Shamanic Healing works with the spirit of local wild plants and does not involve halucinogens, entheogens, psychoactives or recreational substances.
Reported Benefits of 5 Element - Plant Spirit Shamanic Healing:
* Overcoming depression, soul disconnection, creative blocks, accident and post abortion and pregnacy loss trauma; cutting psychic ties; removal of toxic aggressive energy, removal of source of bad luck.
* Re-establishing vitality, clarity, focus, joy, trust, intimacy, and harmonious right relationship.     
* Regaining, peace and freedom from fears and phobias.                                        
* Removal of obstacles causing irritability, frustration, anger, anxiety and lack of clear decision making. Gaining vision and progress in life.                                                       
* Reduced insecurities, overthinking, compulsiveness and pensiveness.
* Relief from grief, sadness, inordinate need for respect and recognition, greed, and inability to let go of loss. Re-connection with Great Spirit.
Those who want to grow in self-empowerment, find  5 Element - Plant Spirit Shamanic Healing beneficial in realizing and maintaining optimum wellness of body, mind/emotions and spirit. Healthy people have a greater capacity for sensitive spiritual guidance and assisted self-healing. 
On-going 5 Element - Plant Spirit Shamanic Healing clients report progressively developing a greater understanding of their intrinsic talents, or inner spirit. This self-empowerment and personal growth results in spontaneously making better choices -- an appropriate field of work, friends and relationships, community -- nourishing and developing their inherited nature and fulfulling their highest potential.
It is important to understand that curiosity is never enough for healing. Individuals seeking shamanic healing should be prepared for a change in their lives and be open to options or plans for their future. It is difficult to help those who are not ready to look openly and honestly at their issues.


What Is 5 Element - Plant Spirit Shamanic Healing:
The diagnostic componment is based on the ancient shamanic understanding that everything and everyone on earth or within the universe is related to the five elements of water, fire, earth, air/minerals/'the shining and 'all the green' that grows on the earth. If the bio-electric energetic pathways of the physical system are unable to function and regulate the vital life energy properly, pathogenic influences can manifest signs of illness. When any part of the body is traumatized through injury or illness, a restriction of the life force has occured. 
Our vitality of spirit is influenced by emotions such as shock, fear, anger, joy, pensivesness, worry and sorrow. Since emotions are closely related to the energetics and functions of the physical system any prolonged excessive emotional trauma is considered an internal cause of illness. The unrestricted flow of bio-electrical energy brings body, mind/emotions and spirit into balance.
Unlike herbalism, which uses the chemical properties of a plant to heal the physical body, 5 Element - Plant Spirit Shamanic Healing requires no needles or pressure for the plant spirits bestow their grace. The origin of illness is addressed rather than the disease itself.  For all practical purposes, illness takes root in the mind or spirit anyway.
In this shamanic Medicine Way plant spirits, as specifically directed by the practitioner, perform psychic accupuncture so to speak, stimulating the meridians/nadis so energetic blocks can be released. The elemental spirits of plants that are able to communicate their specific healing energy, restore the clients energetic system. These helpful effects remain long after each healing session.
Until a few generations ago, shamanic Medicine Way of Nature healers of all ancestral peoples gained knowledge about the healing qualities of plants by journeying deep in dream visions through personal questing. They understood the body of the plant helps but it is not the only part that heals. They learned through direct communication from the plants that the main healing factor is the spirit or sacred properties of the plant. 
This shamanic Medicine Way is a journey of spiritual self discovery that demands dedication, patience and reverence for the rooted people. Sadly, in our technology driven world, this ancient healing Medicine Way of Nature has almost completely faded into obscurity. For the most part, those who heal with plants today are compassionate herbalists or botonists who have wonderful pharmaceutical memorization skills but no direct personal visionary communication relationships with the spirits of plants.
Fortunately, plant spirits have continued to communicate their healing way to respectful humans regardless of cultural ancestry.
In 5 Element - Plant Spirit Shamanic Healing the release of pathological accumulated residues or blocked energy patterns is facilitated at the mental/emotional and spiritual level, where illness originates. Sessions are a combination of qaulitative intervention with specific plant spirit energies and intuitive transformational counseling.
This Medicine Way of Nature is a powerful developmental process that follows the phases of the natural world. You cannot go from winter to autumn in one season.
Respectful humility in meditational shamanic dreamtime practice in the forest is required to develop relationships with the spirits of local plants. Plant allies may communicate specific healing energy which they can clearly and generously offer for the well-being of the people. 


Testimonials for 5 Element - Plant Spirit Shamanic Healing:
"Contrary to my first misgivings, I appreciated being so thoroughly understood by a caregiver.  I intuitively feel that Jacob's weekly treatments over the last six months played a major role, especially in overcoming my sense of feeling lost and without meaning and in breaking some longstanding negative patterns."
--- B.A. Trial Lawyer, Vancouver, B.C.
"Following the Plant Spirit Healing sessions I went through some very powerful emotions and releases that have changed dramatically some dysfunctional aspects of a longstanding relationship. The immediate recognition and release of the causational emotional relics of my childhood were very empowering and have allowed me to mature in my relationship."
--- F.D. Jewelry Designer, Delta, B.C.
"Due to an accident I have been a paraplegic for six years. I have always been subject to severe depression and have made several attempts at taking my life. I have always been prone to bouts of utter self-hatred for no apparent reason with anxiety and lack of self-confidence. After 5 monthly Plant Spirit Healing sessions I now appreciate the beauty of being alive. Every day is a joyous gift and offers a plethora of opportunities, each one a chance to recreate my life.
...and the monthly sessions and your drumming circles over the years have increased my baseline happiness and feelings of wellness to the degree that I no longer have need for sessions with the social services psychologist. I now am more aware of aggressive energy in others and in my self, for example unhappy transit drivers, and am now able to not let it affect me as it did before."
--- R.C. Vancouver. BC.
"I feel a new sense of vision, clarity, less frustration.  I am feeling as if I am growing everyday, moving forward."
--- C.J.  Public Healthcare Worker, New Westminster, B.C.
"This is such a gentle way of addressing and letting go of blocks of fear, self-doubt and worry.  As a result I am feeling more balanced, refreshed, focused and complete."
--- K.S. Office Worker, Langley, B.C.
"The Plant Spirit Energy Healing is truly remarkable, bringing balance, removing toxic aggressive energy and filling holes in your energy body.  It works!  I recommend this shamanic healing way for those who want to accomplish healing and empowerment of their true self on the spiritual path."
---G.V.M. Mother and Artist, New Westminster, B.C.
"Plant Spirit Healing sessions with Jacob have given me an amazing feeling of divine unity, oneness, wholeness, peace, pure love and absolute acceptance of self. I am now able to see my life and situations clearly and get less upset and angry at myself and others."
--- W.E. Artist, Vancouver. BC. 
"His manner when conducting Plant Spirit Energy Healing is as professional as any 'healer' or 'physician' I have experienced.  I recommend with no hesitation, Jacob, for his shamanic healing ability, understanding, trustworthiness and compassion."
--- H.M. Marine Captain, Langley, B.C.
"I'm really happy...definitely the best in my life! Before this healing work I used to live on the perifery of my life, of my self.  After a year of monthly sessions I am still living IN my self. The hard edges between the different aspects of my life have merged so I am no longer a bunch of separate parts. This healing work has really been an important and beneficial step in my growth.
...thanks again to those plant spirits. They have been really helping me in monthly sessions over the last 2 years. It is amazing! I feel totally aligned energetically. I feel like I am experiencing a really big change and healing in all aspects of my life --- physical, emotional and spiritual. I want to send a big voice of gratitude to those plant spirits for this healing.
...I feel balanced again. I seem to go out of balance every three weeks. It's so amazing how the monthly Plant Spirit Healing sessions over the last 4 years have turned things around for me. Really amazing!
....I found the recent  plant spirit medicine session very transforming. I feel quite a lot different. It  made me feel expecially centered in my body this time even more than usual. I also feel more clear in meditation and my energy field is bigger."
--- T.E. University Student, Artist, Vancouver, BC.
"Thank-you for planting the seeds of my soul survival. It has been a year of major transformation. Only positive things are now happening and I am very happy for the first time in my whole life. I can now grieve the scars of unhappy times without them controlling me."
---U.E. Communications Technician, Vancouver, BC.
"The healing experience I had with you was one of the best things I can think of about Vancouver."
---B.L. Artist, Germany.
"I just wanted to say thanks for the healing session. Also to let you know that it has made a huge difference. I am a lot more focused and productive today. Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed and now I am just doing, accomplishing and completing. So, thanks for getting me more balanced. I'll do my best  to help to keep myself that way."
----L.D. Animal Care and Trainer, Aldergrove, BC.


5 Element - Plant Spirit Shamanic Healing Treatment Proceedure:
The initial session includes a review of physical systems as well as personal history, emotional and spiritual concerns. Traditional pulse diagnosis is used to determine imbalances of the energetic pathways. 
5 Element - Plant Spirit Shamanic Healing treatments are conducted in a clinical setting on a healing table. The client is fully clothed. Treatment involves delivery of a number of specific plant spirit energies.                             
The frequency of follow-up treatments depends on the clients developing balance of body, mind/emotions and spirit.  For most clients an on-going schedule of monthly sessions or seasonal treatments every three or four months seems to be sufficient to remain free of aggressive toxic energy and keep the momentum of increasing well-being, self empowerment and spiritual progress on track. 
Some clients with chronic symptoms of illness have needed weekly treatments over a number of months in order to achieve positive improvement of symptoms while continuing conventional medical care.  
Every 5 Element - Plant Shamanic Healing session also includes aspects of Soul Retrieval, Removal of Toxic Aggressive Energy, Spirits of Trauma Healing; Cutting of Psychic ties; Transformational Counseling and Dreamwork Coaching.
You are invited to experience the compassion and boundless love of the natural energy of the plant spirit world, which is more than willing to help us heal ourselves. Embrace deep transformational healing of mind and emotions and strengthen your spirit with an experience in the gentleness and subtlety of 5 Element - Plant Spirit shamanic Healing.
Disclaimer: This information is educational to offer a gateway of understanding to the dimension of the Sacred through shamanic healing and is not intended to replace standard medical treatment or advice and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition please consult your physician. 

If you need additional information, or to schedule an in-person appointment, don't hesitate to e-mail by clicking on the following link: jacobunger@shamanichealing.info