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Vincent Stogan Sr. "Tsimilano" 1918-2000, Musqeum.
"In our culture we are not called shamans, we are known as healers.
My teacher told me there are only two things that are important. Overcome fear and have patience."
---Grandpa Vince Stogan, Musqeum, as told to Jacob on Musqeum reserve, BC, Canada.
"We don't control the Spirit or even understand it, humility is the way."
---Eliot Cowan, Emmisary of the Living Huichol Tradition.


"Gratitude is healing. Some diseases cannot be cured. However, we can improve quality of life by changing our attitude toward disease or disability. The easiest way to do this is by shifting attention away from our weaknessess and toward the things for which we are grateful. People who are grateful to Great Spirit are also more likely to change unhealthy disease-promoting behaviour. Instead of being depressed about their condition, they do something about it!"
---Kenneth Cohen,  Honouring the Medicine.


Various people throughout this life have been important catalysts. With extraordinary timing they have patiently assisted in opening awareness to life's road, in accordance with my stumbling progress. To these friends, who have helped, guided and supported on this spiritual journey, who are valued every day as very special friends, thank-you. 
Gratitude for this life path and thanks to the Laws of Nature, the Spirit of the Land, the 5 elements and local plant spirits who are my main teachers at this time.
As well, loving-kindness and gratitude to the following: My maternal grandfalther, Jacob, who travelled outside his rural community in South Western Russia practicing natural healing of people and animals. Grandpa Jacob was known as 'tracht mocha,' in the dialect this is translated as 'bone straightener.' Grandfather Jacob credited divine guidance for his work of intuitive healing and natural psychology; also, my paternal grandmother who communicated with plants; my father, who worked commercially with plants all his life; chamanistic curanderos and traditional healer-wisdom elders who have open hearts for humanity regardless of ancestry; a number of Vedic and Taoist teachers; and Plant Spirit Healing clients who continue to teach about health and happiness.
Also, gratitude to those who demonstrate their loving-kindness for others with resources to support the aspect of this social healing work that takes place without advertising for the healing and happiness of those who are less fortunate. Philanthropy supports vision and accountability, charity is based in pity.
May the Laws of Nature of the Spirit of the Land hear us as we 'send a voice' for transformational healing, clear mind, open heart and our intention to walk in loving-kindness.
Wishing you well, with blessings to you and your family on your spiritual journey. Thank-you for visiting Earthsong Healing Circles.

At the end of the great cycle of time, a race ensues  between four horses. The first horse is black, and is the representative of darknes and human suffering. The second horse is red and represents warfare. The third horse is white, representing technology. The fourth horse is gold. The gold horse is the light of humanity. 
As the race begins, the black horse heads to the front of the pack, followed in second place by the red horse. The white horse holds a steady pace at third, while the gold horse begins to fall behind. The black horse feels the stready hoof beats of the red horse behind him, and is fueled with increased strength. He steadily increases his lead. A symbiotic relationship begins to exist, where the white horse's speed propels the red horse, whose strenght is in turn utilized by the black horse. Technology is harnessed to propagate war, causing suffering and destruction. The black horse's lead has become immense. All the while the gold horse is far behind.
The race begins to look hopeless to the light and loving side of humanity. The black horse is hungry for victory, and the race is nearing the end. Soon all hope is gone. But then something unexpected happens; even miraculous. The gold horse begins to pick up speed. Though slowly at first, it accelerates rapidly. The gold horse eases past the white horse. Then storms past the red horse. The dark horse maintains a good lead as the finish line draws near. But the gold horse closes the distance between them. Soon it is upon the black horse and begins to pass. They are neck and neck as they approach the finish line. 
The prophesy does not tell who won the race. Perhaps the outcome was withheld lest we either lose hope or become lazy in a sense of assuredness of victory. Or maybe it was unknown. With such an incredibly close outcome and the inherit complexities concerning the nature of time, my guess is that either outcome could occur. The decision is ours.
----BMB, A Book of Remembering.