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Testimonials from Clients of 5 Element - Plant Spirit Energy Healing:

"I am 40 and have been working as a trial lawyer for 12 years.  I have suffered from chronic-fatigue for approximately 10 years.  I was diagnosed with a major depressive disorder.  I recieved the full range of conventional treatments as well as naturopathic care. Jacob interviewed me exhaustively.  Contrary to my first misgivings, I appreciated being so thoroughly understood  by a care provider.  I believe women would be comfortrable with his bed-side manner. 
During treatments I felt strong energy movements and heat along the spine and old injury sites.  These manifestations increased dramaticallly during later sessions.  The treatments had a therapeutic and clinical feel as opposed to straight ritual.  There was a reverent atmosphere but it still felt more like a treatment than ceremony.                                                    
Jacob openly discussed the history and philosophy of plant spirit energy healing in a thoughtful manner not avoiding it's spiritual foundation but without appearing to be metaphysical on the fringe.    
I am preparing to return to work with a strong sense of energy and core stability.  I am very grateful to Jacob for his treatments.  Although I think all my different healing modalities were important in achieving my present state of health I intuitively feel that Jacob's treatments played a major role especially in overcoming my sense of feeling lost and without meaning and in breaking some longstanding negative patterns."
---A.B. Trial Lawyer,Vancouver, BC.   

"Having received only 5 sessions so far, I already feel more than a new person, I feel as though I am finally coming to know and understand who I have always been.  I was subject to severe depression and have made several attempts at taking my life. I have always been prone to bouts of utter self-hatred for no apparent reason with anxiety and lack of self-confidence creating a crippling effect upon my life and my ability to be an active participant in the world.  I am now someone who appreciates the beauty of being a living breathing creature in this world. Every day offers a plethora of opportunities, each one of which is a chance to recreate my life. I am able to move forward and live life as a joyous gift. Every day I am grateful that I was fortunate enough to meet Jacob and receive his skillful treatments of Plant Spirit Healing." ---C.R. Vancouver, BC.

                                                                                                                                      "Jacob has been treating people with unresolved issues and situations in their life which create unhealthy or dysfunctional patterns.  Along with these modalities, he also does some very intuitive counseling.                     

The effects I felt were quite potent but never scary.  I went through some very powerful emotions and releases that have changed dramatically some of the dysfunctional aspects of a long-standing relationship.  The immediate recognition and release of the causative emotional relics of my childhood were very empowering and have allowed me to mature in my relationship.  
Jacob was very supportive throughout this process and made himself available for consultation and counseling whenever needed.  He explained things thoroughly and was patient and very intuitive with his observations and assistance.                    
I highly recommend this type of process for those who have life changes they would like to achieve.  Plant Spirit energy healing knows how to get to the root of the problem bringing it up for observation, acceptance and then release. It can be somewhat difficult emotionally at times but the elation and growth by taking action on one's own behalf is well worth the relatively short upheaval.
I have seen Jacob work in healing ceremony, and sacred healing circle and shamanic drumming journeywork.  His work comes from the heart.  He gives openly to people, he always makes time to listen and rather than just give advice, he often allows the client to discover the true answer within.  His work is non-invasive and is personally empowering. He is always happy to see those who are interested  in moving their lives in a more spiritual way."                                               
---D. F., Jewelry Designer, Tsawwassen, BC.

"I had a Cutting of Psychic Ties session with Jacob which involved a deep meditation where the psychic ties were lovingly cut.  I felt a deep calm during the session and healing in my heart energy centre.  The next evening I started to weep and felt as if pins in my heart (disapproval, the hurt I have felt from my parents, lack of emotional support) and thorns in my mind (negative criticism) and the emotional daggers they did to my self-esteem were being removed. The pain in my head and heart have gone.  I feel calm, tired, but as if I had a great release.
After several Plant Spirit Healing sessions with Jacob I started to do Soul Retrieval.  After these sessions I felt that progressively parts of my self from my 30's, then my 20's returned to me.  About 2 weeks after my 3rd or 4th session I had parts of my teenage self, that I had long forgotten come back to me (my sceptical nature, my rebeliousness, my daring, some of my wild self-desire to go out dancing).  These parts of me were hidden or lost for so long in being a responsible adult (wife for 16 years, pet caretaker, teacher, my own art agent, workshop co-ordinator and gallery exhibition chairperson). I have really missed and needed those parts of my self.  I didn't realize how important they were until I got them back.  They are especially important to me, paradoxically, now in mid-life when everything has changed so drastically and in a sense my old self has died completely.  I am now divorced and the desire to be more social is helpful.  I also need to begin a new life for myself, so my skepticism and my daring of my teen self are welcome to be back now. 
After another Plant Spirit Healing and Soul Retrieval session I felt my baby self come back to me.  The self that feels a part of the Divine, part of everything everywhere and everyone in all existence, the part of me and you that are all part of it all.  It's an amazing feeling of divine unity, oneness, wholeness, peace, pure love and absolute acceptance of self.
Since then I am more capable of seeing my life from the outside (outside of my body and outside of my personal life) in the sense of detachment.  I am more able to see my life and situations clearly and get less upset and angry at myself and others."
--- E,W. Artist, Vancouver. BC. 

"I have been seeing Jacob Unger for Plant Spirit Healing sessions for over 3 years.  Although I thought I was feeling quite good to begin with, I have experienced some remarkable healing which has helped to restore passion and focus in my life.                                     
In my experience the beauty of plant spirit energy healing is that suppressed feelings and emotions have come  up quite effortlessly for releasing and healing.  I am experiencing greater clarity with regards to patterns I have been creating and I now find myself more empowered to make healthier choices.  This is such a gentle, private and unobtrusive way of addressing and letting go of blocks of fear, self-doubt and worry.  As a direct result of this work I have moved through and released feelings of anger, grief, sadness, fear and confusion.  As a result I am feeling more balanced, refreshed, focused and complete.
I highly recommend Jacob as a reverent healing facilitator  who helps you heal yourself." 
---S.K. Office worker, Langley, BC.
"As a result of Jacob's healing ceremonies I experienced purification and transformation. During Jacob's Dreamwork sessions his interpretation helped me become aware of old grief and anger waiting to be released. Jacob's shamanic healing had a deep impact on my development. The Plant Spirit Energy Healing is truly remarkable bringing balance, removing aggressive energy and filling holes in your energy body. It works! I experienced spontaneous soul retrieval during my nightime dreaming while receiving a series of Plant Spirit Energy Healing sessions. I feel really empowered. This is a very warm and safe way to work on your inner strength, I recommend this shamanic healing way for those who want to accomplish healing and empowerment of their true self on the spiritual path."          
---G.V.M. Mother and Artist, New Westminster, B.C.   

"I find Jacob to be straight forward, honest, compassionate and educational.  He is well prepared and thought provoking.  His manner when conducting Plant Spirit Energy Healing is as professional as any 'healer' or 'physician' I have experienced.  Jacob's work has settled a bowel condition and removed blocks with regard to the 'dream world.'  I recommend with no hesitation Jacob for his, understanding, trustworthiness, and compassion."        
---H.M. Marine Captain, Langley, BC.

"I'm really happy...definitely the best in my life! Before this healing work I used to live on the perifery of my life, of my self.  A year later I am still living IN my self. The hard edges between the different aspects of my life have merged so I am no longer a bunch of separate parts. This healing work has really been an important and beneficial step in my growth.
Thanks again to those plant spirits...they are really helping me. It is amazing! I feel totally aligned energetically from the monthly treatments. I feel like I am experiencing a really big change and healing in all aspects of my life---physical, emotional and spiritual. I want to send a big voice of gratitude to those plant spirits for this healing."
---T.E. Artist, Vancouver, BC.

"Thank-you for planting the seeds of my soul survival. It has been a year of major transformation. Only positive things are now happening and I am very happy for the first time in my whole life. I can now grieve the scars of unhappy times without them controlling me."
---U.E. Technician, Vancouver, BC.

Disclaimer: This information is educational to offer a gateway of understanding to the dimension of the Sacred through shamanic healing and is not intended to replace standard medical treatment or advice and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition please consult your physician. 

If you need additional information, or to schedule an in-person appointment, don't hesitate to call e-mail by clicking on the following link: jacobunger@shamanichealing.info