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"These spirits are like a homeless person finding an empty house --the empty house being a person without power. The homeless spirit wants to stay there, of course, and make a home and be happy. It doesn't intend its home any ill and has no desire to harm it -- who would? If you try to throw it back on the streets though, it will fight to stay where it is. That is only natural."
---Eduardo Caldero'n Palomino, Curandero, Peru.
"When you distance yourself from the source of suffering, when you name it as opposite to what you want to be, you lose a chance to change it. Because it continues to live inside you, as part of you, making you make many of your choices, but you refuse to recognize it, so you remain in ignorant bliss and you continue to suffer. Whenever something hurts you and you don't accept it fully as a complete part of your history, you create a gap in your memory; a gap which, when the hurt is strong or repeated many times, becomes occupied by a spirit of trauma. When you conquer them, it brings profound healing, reverses unhappiness, and treats disease. Diseases are the means by which an organism tries to fight the traumas on its own. When you free yourself from trauma, you heal your ancestors and protect generations after you. When we go through life, the traumas we experience stay in us as painful knots, and are tightened by the Spirits of Trauma. If we don't untie these knots during our lives, we are going to have this done after our physical deaths. It doesn't matter if we believe in the afterlife or not."
---Olga Kharitidi, M.D.,  Master of Lucid Dreams.


The ancient shamanic worldview helps us to understand how Spirits of Trauma, similar to a virus, move through the people manifesting as irrational speech or behavior, personality conflicts, family fueds, communal strife and nation to nation warfare even lifetimes after the initial disagreements. This also explains how victims of abuse later in life may abuse others.
It is continually surprising how often we see people who are suffering from garden variety and sometimes serious cases of toxic aggressive energy. Spirits of Trauma are not superstition or as seen in Hollywood movies. Most often, these are perfectly nice folks living what appears to be normal lives with no visible strange behavior. 
Highly susceptable to toxic aggressive energy and Spirits of Trauma are people who are exposed to overly stressful situations of conflict, suffering and physical, mental/emotional and spiritual exhaustion. Some examples are law enforcement, the medical professions, caregiving or social work, operators of electrical and mechanical machinery, anyone unable to leave an angry, aggressive, ambitious, controlling situation. As well bodyworkers and others who work physically with the public. These people can accumulate more toxic aggressive energy and Spirits of Trauma than their body, mind/emotions and spirit can naturally dissipate. 
From the traditional shamanic perspective, when there has been sudden violent death or suicide, the departed soul may be unable to find its way to the next world. Encountering someone who is energetically powerless with a compromised physical, mental/emotional or spiritual immune system, the departed soul may find a home in an alive person's body and will manipulate that life. When you look in these peoples' eyes you can see their souls are out of reach. They are spiritually bankrupt or quite literally 'empty walking suits/dresses' even though appearing normal in our increasingly superficial society. 


Transformational Healing of Spirits of Trauma - connecting body, heart, soul and spirit:
Most people at some point in their life encounter mild garden variety toxic aggressive energy. Special cases of excessive toxic aggressive energy and Spirits of Trauma are of those who go out of their way to let others know they have some ability in the psychic arts. Their 'trauma drama' is the only means to become well known so they advertise a complicated and endless story of being energetically victimized by negative spirits. Often it is a long convoluted description of ability to see 'bad energy' that is hanging around them or others, or that others are responsible for. This obsessive focusing on the mischievious and troublesome energy side of life is a schizophrenic story that can include brief divine insight but is mostly negative and inappropriate talk or even shouting out.
Those suffering from Spirits of Trauma often have obsessive interest in attending psychic and channeled consultations. And demanding spiritual healing on their own terms they go the rounds of every natural alternative healer in the area who might be impressed by their 'trauma drama.' As well they are often interested in educational courses to become energy workers or in healing modalities that involve intuitive ability. They are either naive or foolhardy in willingly exposing their spiritual self to anything that will assist them in gaining a reputation of having 'psychic' abilities, or to have power over others. This experimental curiosity can result in being open to Spirits of Trauma, which are similar to a virus, that needs to be fed negative energy and continually requires new hosts.


What is lacking is inner peace, loving-kindness and forgiveness of self and others. Every one of us has the ability to make choices. The obvious solution is to ask for peace instead of unhappiness and lack of spiritual health. It is our error thinking that invites more hate, revenge, pain and suffering. We always receive more than we wish for. There is an equal reaction for every thought/action.
A compromised nervous system, abuse of recreational substances and some medications can result in error thinking. Sadly, those suffering from Spirits of Trauma seem to have minimal desire to make a choice to engage in the necessary change of thinking and personal work that is required for transformational healing. So they demand the practitioner perform a healing on the clients terms, where the practitioner is expected to play the role of 'healer' in the 'trauma drama' the client is directing. And the alternative to giving up their eccentricities seems too fearful to contemplate, even though the client often admits their life is experiencing excessive obstacles and lack of support.
When our spiritual immune system is clear of toxic aggressive energy and Spirits of Trauma we are more easily able to live our lives in loving-kindness, compassion, forgiveness and humanitarian service.
As necessary Spirits of Trauma Healing is included in 5 Element - Plant Spirit Energy Healing treatments. Plant spirit allies marshall the auspicious bringers of divine power and blessing located within every human being to quickly dispatch the debilitating effects of Spirits of Trauma.

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Disclaimer: This information is educational to offer a gateway of understanding to the dimension of the Sacred through shamanic healing and is not intended to replace standard medical treatment or advice and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition please consult your physician. 

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