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"Shamanic healing re-establishes resonance among the body's biological systems and restores its inherent energetic state - a tune-up of homeostasis. When harmony is restored to the world of living energy within us by balancing heavy and light energy, healing takes place."
---J.E. Williams, The Andean Codex, Adventures And Initiations Among The Peruvian Shamans.
"....the essence of the shamanic art of  healing: a fusion of mind and spirt, plant and landscape, sacrifice and yearning."
---Wade Davis, Ethnobotanist, Antrhopologist. Light at the Edge of  the World, A Journey Through the Realm of Vanishing Cultures.
"Help and healing is always always synonymous with change, real change, and nothing inbetween." 
---R. Alan Fuller, High Holy Adventure, Shamans, Spirits & Mediums I Know and Love.
"Once we can honor the balance that is needed to know ourselves well, then we can learn to nourish ourselves, to be healthy and well, and to create a planet that reflects that well-being."
---Eduardo Caldero'n Palomino, Curandero, Peru.
"One reason why the practices of energy healing have been kept so closely guarded is that they are often mistaken for a set of techniques, in the same way that western medicine is sometimes regarded as a set of procedures. However for the shaman it is not about rules or ideas. It's about vision and Spirit. And while healing practices often vary from village to village, the Spirit never varies. True healing is nothing less than an awakening to a vision of our healed nature and the experience of infinity."
---Albert Villodo, Shaman, Healer, Sage.
"Shamans believing all illness and malady has a supernatural cause or component, travel to the spirit world, find the cause of the illness, and attempt to facilitate a cure."
---Dobkin de Rios.
"Shamanic healing involves helping people see how their emotional patterns manifest in physical reality, and then helping them realign with the more holistic patterns of universal consciousness. I call this "looking into the Spiritual Mirror."
---Martin W. Ball, PhD.
"Those who carry the pain of others hold the power to heal. It is the price of being a healer. It is an impossible role, but it must be done so that others may survive. Please pray for us and know that we are here to help the earth continue."
---Ava Tape Miri, Guarani Shamans Of The Forest, Bradford Keeney, PH.D, Ringing Rocks Foundation. 

"Each curandero, healer, shaman has a special plant with which they work. This plant is deep inside the heart of that healer, it speaks with them from the heart. This plant has the power to heal because this healer has opened to it so much that it has become them. The plant and the healer work as one."
---Arbolita Pashak, Curandera, Chiapas, Mexico. 


Shamanic Dreamtime Healing - the Transformational Medicine Way of Nature:

In general, regardless of the number of educational seminars, those who practice today's alternative healing arts are not shamanic healers. On the other hand, most traditional shaman/a are natural healers.
True shamanic healing requires ability to enter shamanic consciousness, the 'dreamtime' of non-ordinary reality beyond mental imagination to establish rapport with energetic plant intelligence, benefic spiritual forces and people's soul/spirit. At the deeper levels of pure shamanic consciousness we are essentially swimming in an infinite field of supreme intelligence. This transpersonal state of awareness is an elevated state of empathy and enables the shaman/a to feel and experience much of what a patient is struggling with. Real shamans see living structures as fields of energy and access information very specifically in the shamanic dreamtime realms.
Based on relationships with extra-material beings, shamanic healing is disregarded by western medicine, even when verifiable healings are produced. Often preliterate healing traditions cure illness as effectively as western medicine. Native cultures are our fathers, and we are their children. They are the older cultures. Often these so-called 'primitive cultures' have a grasp of the human mind and healing that exceeds that of the modern dominant culture.
Before European contact shamanic healing, the Medicine Way of Nature, was all that was available. Now that it has moved to an urban setting it is in danger of becoming distorted and empty of Spirit. Not dissimilar to the tobacco spirit of ancient Amazonia which originally was a powerful method of healing and a vehicle for communication with the Spirits. Today it's effects have become warped and destructive due to tortured reconfiguring for corporate profits. Not surprisingly the modern product seems to be angry and vengeful.
The traditional shamanic healer is a warrior/mediator between the field of opposites in the individual and society - the socio-psychotherapeutic differences on all levels of the people -physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. The human elemental constitutional condition is energetically re-balanced between the forces of health and illness; joy and sadness; vitality and depression; clarity and confusion; nurture and insecurity; inspiration and grief; peace and fear; vision and frustration; light/life and dark/death; positive light and negative light; harmony and chaos; kindness and vindictiveness; self-pity/caused by feeling superior over others and self-importance/caused by insecurity.
For much of our society there is a lack of meaning in life which generally leads to symptoms of depression and addictions. There is a growing search for spirituality and Mother Nature's healing medicine ways. The diseases of our society that are killing us are depression, over-work and obsessive materialism; self-hatred and abuse; feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and powerless; fear, paranoia and chaotic thinking from recreational substance abuse, alcohol, and over-medication; pornography, rape, emotional family traumas and child-abuse; theft, greed and dishonesty of organizations in authority; and rampant collective and individual lack of respect for Nature. Our inner war breaks out into wars between people and competing societies.
Traditional shamanic healing is an holistic approach to health encompassing body, heart, soul and Spirit. Modern research only recently is discovering what traditional healers have known for millenia, that disease exists not only on the physical plane but also in the emotional energetic fabric of an individual. Often physical symptoms are a collection of negative emotions. Everything is energy. The key to healing is transforming the energy of illness into the energy of health. Same as in physics where potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy.
When a person becomes ill their energy pattern becomes distorted. The breakdown of harmony results in energetic 'magical illnesses.' A body in disharmony is prone to disease. A state of disharmony arises when there is conflict between individual and community, between individual and cosmic spirit, or the toxic aggressive energy of the negative, envious or resentful thoughts of others. Shamanic healing facilitates the benefic forces of harmony on behalf of the client, removing blockages to prevent disharmony which can result in mental/emotional or physical disease. 
This wisdom of the aboriginal ancients, is a practice that considers lack of health primarily the result of either loss of parts of our soul or exposure to toxic aggressive energy. In todays society many individuals feel disconnected and are dispirited, suffering a loss of spirit/soul. Collectively the society suffers from soul loss. For so many life seems to have no meaning. Shamanic healing liberates feelings of disconnetion with our inner Self and Great Spirit.
Shamanic healing views sickness as a loss of personal energy and power. When we are 'power-full,' full of Spirit - pure energy, we are unlikely to be vulnerable to the envy of others or resentment from persons who wish us harm or hope that we do not suceed in our endeavours. Toxic aggressive energies or intrusions may be symbolically represented in our night-time dreaming as various attack scenarios. 
When we experience extreme fatigue, are emotionally weak, in grief, feeling anger, have become unconscious due to alcohol, drugs or accident or are selfishly or naively manipulating Cosmic Spirit for personal, political, showbusiness, or monetary agenda we separate from Nature, from our natural connection with the Great Spirit. Disconnected people in their expressions of self-pity or self-importance are hurtful to others and the environment by sending out negative thoughts and hostility. This traditional understanding teaches that disrespect for oneself, others and Nature returns multiplied many times and is seen as a cause of ill health. 
Traditional shamanic healers are ordained or sanctioned by the Spirits. True shamanic healing is not an outpouring of emotion, sentimentality, or borrowing the form of ceremony witnessed, read, or learned in a seminar workshop. It also is not based on intuition, imagination or conceptual thinking. The Spirits come to us depending on our purity, without striving from our side. True shamanic healing is more than a genuine interest for others' well being and freedom from suffering. True shamanic healing requires ability to re-enter and remain anchored in the shaman/a's personal dream vision experience. Then the gift of the Spirits, the elemental Laws of Nature do the healing work. Traditionally if the healing way isn't backed up by a valid shamanic dream visioning gift, it will be nothing more than a series of mechanical gestures. Anything on the informational level is only representational, flat and superficial and unable to be a conduit of healing energy. You can't take anyone where you haven't already had direct dream vision experience. 
All creative healing energy comes from the Great Spirit - Divine Universal Source of Truth through the Spirits, the elemental Laws of Nature. Traditional shamanic healers are respectful facilitators for the loving energy of Mother Nature's Spirit helpers. And it is ultimately the client's sincere heartfelt openess and surrender to the Great Spirit that is in control of their own healing.
It also is important to understand that transformational healing can not occur if the client is only curious.

Rosa rubrifolia

Shamanic Dreamtime Transformational Healing -  connecting body, heart, soul and spirit:

For the client shamanic healing begins with an honest desire for love and the opportunity to view the objective world with new sight. And to be open for our innate energetic forces to go in the direction of dignity and self-empowerment rather than dissipating into neurosis leading to exhaustion, guilt, soul disconnection and self- abuse.
Both alcohol, where the drinker wants to forget problems and blunt sensibility, or recreational substances which lead into an artificial paradise, are destructive and hinder spiritual progress. Shamanic healing is just the opposite. This Medicine Way of Nature enables us to regain our energetic wellness by purifying our spiritual nervous system enabling us to re-experience our true character, moral worth and natural soul connection with Spirit and the elemental Laws of Nature. Shamanic healing is possible when psyche and body of the patient harmonize with Nature. Shamanic healing repaints the distorted fabric of consciousness. It resets our biological clock according to universal time and harmonizes our natural brain chemistry. The corresponding shift in our personal values, priorities and self-image produces a transformative 'new beginning.'
Shamanic healing can result in personal lives that are more fruitful, public policies that help the people, entertainment that inspires, fair trade and sharing the outdoors without damaging the environment. This is the life changing gift of the elemental Laws of Nature. Shamanic healing is a direct experience of the empowering energy of the Great Spirit ending separation from our Divine Source.

No one is outside of The Laws of Nature. There is an equal reaction to every action. When we are living wellness, wholeness, health we radiate goodness to others and the environment and the universe reflects back to us our connectedness with Great Spirit. In the end, effective healing is dependent on our love quotient. Through our alliance with our compassionate Earth Mother's loving Laws of Nature, the seed of love grows.